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Tami Ratliff

Tami Ratliff

Ratliff Law Office specializes in family law, personal injury, wills & probate and certified mediation.


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Legal service as a personal injury attorney, Lawyer for Victims, Family law, Wills & probate, Certified mediator, divorce attorney, child custody, child support, adoption, wills, probate, injuries, accidents, medical malpractice and worker’s compensation.

We are located in Abilene, TX. Our hours are Monday through Thursday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm and Friday 8:30 am to 12:30 pm. We are closed on Saturday and Sunday. Contact us for any or all of your legal needs at 325 437-7777.

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Did you know:

Both parents are legally obligated for the support of a child, even if they were never married and regardless of the child’s last name

Child Support is based upon a percentage of income and is set forth in the law

Most property acquired during marriage is considered marital property regardless of the title to the property, and all marital property is subject to distribution at the time of divorce?

If you have considered seeking legal counsel with regard to a difficult family situation, you have probably been intimidated by the legal process. We are sensitive to these concerns and handle each and every situation with compassion, integrity and discretion. The firm handles virtually every aspect of family law including divorce, support enforcement, visitation, and custody in the trial and
appellate courts in addition to serving as law guardians.

Personal Injury

Each day individuals are seriously injured in accidents. We understand the obstacles you encounter in obtaining just compensation. Auto accidents require a keen understanding of several areas of law. Lost wages and medical expenses may often be covered by no fault. More serious injuries may require litigation to fully recover for your pain and suffering.

If you feel that you may have a personal injury case, please contact the firm’s civil litigation team immediately. The firm would be pleased to evaluate your case for free, to determine if there is a responsible party from which you can collect, and give you guidance on how to best protect yourself and your claim.

Automobile Accidents:
Recovery for damages to property, for lost wages and medical expenses and for pain and suffering are the three areas generally involved in an automobile accident case. In addition, the firm will seek recovery not only for damages sustained to your vehicle and other property, but will also assist in obtaining “no-fault” benefits for lost wages and medical expenses. (A person seriously injured in an automobile accident also has a right to recovery for said injuries, as well as pain and suffering.)

Personal Accidents:
If you are injured as a result of tripping over or slipping on something, the firm will be pleased to review your case for free to determine if there is a responsible party who caused or knew of the defective condition so as to pursue a recovery on your behalf. The firm has extensive experience in handling personal injury matters by pursuing those responsible for compensatory damages.